Caesarstone is the perfect combination of nature and technology. Exceptional hardness, high impact resistance, extremely low water absorption rate, mildew resistance, low maintenance and etc ensured the Caesarstone’s long life cycle. As the most optimized material for interior designs, Caesarstone implements the most cutting-edge technology to accomplish weight deduction.

Technical Specs
In each Caesarstone slab, quartz crystal (the second hardest mineral besides diamonds, Mosh hardness is at an average of 7) accounts for a maximum of 93%, which is the percentage that provides the most stability and durability, along with the implementation of the most advanced technology, making it the best of stone selections.

1. Size: Caesarstone’s slab size is 1440mm x 3050mm
2. Thickness: The regular is 20mm and there’s option in 13mm and 30mm.
3. Surface Texture: Polished/ Honed/ Viento